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SOLD 2x flat link (7912 / 1039 / 1035 etc) expanding links - £25 each

  1. ewand Nov 2, 2023

    The spares drawer continues to give up its delights. This time it's 2x Omega expanding links from a variety of flat link bracelets like the 1039. One thing to note is that they don't have any leaf springs inside, but those are available elsewhere (eg Omega 1039 |

    The thread on Flat Link Bracelet Replacement Springs For 7912,1039 | Omega Forums also shows the idea of what they look like.


    The slide off-cover on one of them comes off a bit too readily so it could probably do with some gentle re-shaping just to tidy it up a little.

    I'm looking for £25 + P&P; they're in the UK at the moment but are so small & light, international postage would be a few £. Happy to combine with other FS threads (end links, GP bracelet).

    [If you're looking for more details of how these links work, there are some photos and other links in Bracelet gunk | Omega Forums - just don't read that thread with or shortly after food...]