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WITHDRAWN 2021 Speedmaster 3861 Canopus

  1. Twocats Married... with children Feb 12, 2022

    Ladies and Gentelmen,

    This is my first attempt at a sale on this forum. I have no buyer nor seller feedback, I can not be found on Facebook, Instagram, tick-tock, and the statute of limitations in most countries I previously lived in have all expired by now so you can buy with confidence.

    Up for sale is my Speedmaster 3681 Canopus that I purchased in December 2021(310. I bought it in the big posh Omega boutique in the Dubai Mall. I have the box, papers and a spare unworn leather strap for the watch.

    The watch is in perfect condition as it was worn no more than five times since I purchased it. There is some shameful damage to the deployment clasp that I gouged with a tool trying to change the strap and for that I am eternally ashamed.

    I bought the watch on a whim and swore it would not become a safe queen and all was going well until I put it beside my 1861 Moonwatch. It was only then I realised that I am not the right person to have a gold watch as my 1861 looks like it was used to play fetch with the cat. I am just not the delicate type.

    I will list it on CH24 for a higher price if it does not find a home on this forum. The fixed sales price is 25500 euros and this makes it the cheapest Canopus in the world.

    I will accept crypto (top 10 coins), bank transfer and face to face. I am based in Luxembourg and will travel to (within the next 30 days)Varna, Cairo, Dubai and Frankfurt so can deliver to these cities. There is the possibility of Kigali and Stockholm being added but I personally hope not.

    Shipping, returns, insurance etc is something I am willing to discuss by PM on a case by case basis. Taxes and duties payed by the buyer in all instances and I reserve the right to cancel the deal if I feel something is not right.

    I am not a photographer so if there are additional photos or videos you wish to have please ask. I am also willing to send the watch to the Omega AD down town Luxembourg for assessment.

    There you have it, be gentle please.

    Description: Watch

    Price: 25,500.00 euros

    Ask permission from your better half before even considering purchasing please, its pointless us getting all excited and them having already allocated the funds for a…………. (Fill blank)

    tempImagexZqZBm.png tempImagefNfYUW.png tempImage3BQ1hc.png tempImageo7rT6Z.png tempImageBF2Oor.png tempImagezUfQj8.png tempImageguwjIZ.png tempImagepYIQYs.png tempImage5GW6b9.png tempImageji99wr.png
  2. cvalue13 Feb 12, 2022

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  3. Paedipod Feb 14, 2022

    Free bump for the story above plus the posts from when it appeared on the forum.....GLWS!
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  4. DLT222 Double D @ ΩF Staff Member Feb 16, 2022

    First sale and its 25k EUR. Thats a tall order there chap. Check yer DM's
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  5. Badwolf Feb 16, 2022

    Wow that's nice! If only I had the funds.

    Good luck with the sale
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  6. gbesq Feb 16, 2022

    Anyone who uses his 1861 Speedy to play fetch with the cat is a steely eyed missile man. Somebody buy this watch. :)
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  7. Twocats Married... with children Mar 1, 2022

    Bump with a difference.

    This is a price increase bump with a bonus watch thrown in.

    New price is 29,000.00 euros, same terms as above.

    Thrown into the deal is the BNIB Tudor BB 58.

    The cat told me the silver will scratch as easily as the gold when we play fetch so it has to go.....

    09C74127-0B4C-46B1-88BB-EECC71F45097.jpeg FE6D76A9-2A5B-487F-9EB7-1D0AAF4BDBC9.jpeg 24774D1E-8745-4304-94D6-CE896D571714.jpeg 3AFF1892-4CB0-472A-878F-8A70179312D2.jpeg 41268D64-90C2-4E41-ADB1-7D417C7DF60F.jpeg AFCE2793-93F2-4CE5-8861-9011A638F0EC.jpeg